Studio Metamorphosis – Pasadena Shred

It’s all in the name of the studio – Metamorphosis. This class truly lives up to its name, it’s transformational, challenging, and works up a burn and sweat beyond any class I’ve ever taken. Everytime I leave class it looks like I jumped out of the shower. This class never gets easier and provides the perfect balance of mental and physical stamina! My obsession is so real.

Jeffrey teases me because on the days I am going to Shred, I literally feel my body tingling with excitement and I get extremely hyper and giddy. I love the combination of pain and accomplishment and ALWAYS leave this class feeling like I won the body lottery. If I won the actual lottery, the first thing I would spend my money on is a lifetime Morph membership. Needless to say, Shred at Studio Metamorphosis is my happy place 😉

What Can I Expect?

  • Decor – A beautiful studio decorated in whites and greys to create a refreshing vibe! Showers, private bathrooms, and lockers with digital combinations. The Shred room has a giant open window that brightens up the room with natural light, which is totally my fav!
  • The Lagree Fitness Method – think of a medieval torture device that emphasizes cardio, strength, balance and flexibility all at once. The machine has a carriage that moves back and forth, springs where you can load or unload weight for resistance, two stationary platforms at the front and back of the machine, and plenty of holes, pockets, handles and straps that create the ultimate full-body burn.
  • Duration – The Shred class is 45 minutes long with no breaks. I LOVE that there are no breaks because you leave class knowing you utilized the entire time working that bod. And what else are we there for if not to work on the bod? 😉 If you need to take a sip of water or towel off, you totally can, but do so quickly so you can jump back in!
  • Space – You are literally on your machine the entire time so you create a love/strong dislike relationship with your Megaformer. Throughout class I’m secretly cursing at my Megaformer but by the end I’m hugging it like, “Never let go, Jack, you just changed my life.”
  • Slow Motion for Me – Think slow movements and fast transitions. All the exercises are SLOW. This is so you work your slow-twitch muscles. Every movement has a 4-second count that leaves you with major shakes and wondering how 4 seconds can seem like eternity. Each exercise is performed non-stop with some variations for about 2 minutes. On the other hand, the transitions between exercises are lightening fast! That way you keep your heart rate up. The balance between slow and fast is exhilarating!
  • Format – The format of the class is always changing depending on the instructor, but typically we start with abs, move on to legs, doing lunges, inner and outer thighs, and booty work. We then jump to arms with a mixture of triceps and biceps and transition into back and chest work. To top off the class we jump back into abs for a final burn. I think it’s important to note, my abs feel like they working and sculpting the ENTIRE time; think 8-pack! 🙂 Each exercise is also given a modification which is awesome! Because let’s be real, some days my body is more fatigued than others and that plank-to-pike might be burning a bit too much!
  • Use Peers as Your Guide – So here are where things get a little tricky for those of you who are not trained in the art of Lagree, which is still me! The instructors typically do not demo the moves before we jump in and some of them have names like, reverse pigeon, that make you think, “do I start to squawk like a bird?” Before you panic or give-up, take a deep breath and look around you; there are ALWAYS students in the class with long-time expertise. They will serve as your guides and gurus, so if you don’t understand a position when you’re transitioning, that’s okay! Look around and you’ll find a guide. And the instructor is always willing to lend a helpful hand!


What Makes This Class Special:
Absolutely the intensity of the workout! My best friend Andy, an avid exerciser and yoga guru, attended class with me and upon walking out told me “this was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do…not just with exercise, but in my life.” I have the most incredible sense of accomplishment after finishing this class and always feel so proud that I made the choice to push my body in the way this class pushes me. My mindset walking out is always, “If I can get through this, I can get through anything.”

Available on Class Pass?
Yes! Once you’ve reached your maximum for the month, you can purchase classes at a discounted price of $25 per class as well!

What to Bring:

  • Water/water bottle (you can fill up there)
  • Water is also available for purchase @ studio along with tasty RX Bars and Juice Served Here juices

What to Wear:

  • Pilates or Barre Socks – they can be open or close toed with sticky grips on the bottom. They are available for purchase at the studio for $17. You can also go on Amazon and order a pack of 4 for $13.99 (I gotchu ;))!
  • Workout clothes you’re comfortable planking, sweating, and moving around in

What’s Provided:

  • Towels
  • Showers
  • All workout equipment


  • 8 parking spots for free in the parking lot to the left of the studio
  • 1-hour free street parking on Green Street directly in front of the studio


  • I’ve taken classes with Jennifer, Jeff, Piper, Stephanie, Leah, Ashley, Julia, and Kiana. They are all equal parts warm and welcoming, kind and inspiring, tough and challenging, and intense and motivated! Each person has their own unique style, but all will leave you feeling like you’ve changed your life in the best possible way!

Intensity Between 1 – 5:

  • To infinity and beyond. Prepare to work it!


  • $15 – First class
  • $57 – First week of classes (it’s a steal!)
  • Check out membership rates HERE
  • They also have a lot of promotions, sales and specials, sign-up to receive their emails to get the perks 🙂