Holy Cacao! Coconut Cookie Smoothie (Sugar Free, Fruit Free, Vegan)

Fact: I’m low key obsessed with podcasts. Podcasts are the reason I don’t get that worked up about traffic. I distract myself from 405 triggered road rage by putting on a podcast. After listening to this interview with Kelly LeVeque of Be Well by Kelly, I was inspired to start making an effort to keep my blood sugar balanced. Also, more importantly, I learned how to make the best smoothie known to man – The Fab 4 Smoothie.

The four ingredients making this smoothie fab are: fiber, healthy fat, protein, and greens. I’ve always had that “smoothies aren’t meals” mindset. Mostly because I wake up ravenous and doubted that a smoothie “fab” or not could fill me up. Well guys…I type this sipping my humble smoothie. I was wrong. Not only does this smoothie keep me full until lunch, it’s sugar free, healthy, blood balancing and (most importantly) tastes like a cookie.

Scroll down for my take on the fab 4 along with the nitty gritty details of what makes each ingredient fab. Trust me when I say, balancing your blood sugar never tasted so good.

What to get:

1 serving plain pea protein powder or vanilla protein powder (THIS or THIS)

2 tb cacao nibs (HERE or THESE $2 nibs from T-joes)

2 cups of almond milk

2 tb chia seeds

2 tb mct oil / coconut oil

Cinnamon to taste (I add a shit ton, but a few shakes is fine too)

3-5 drops of better stevia coconut Gel Drops (This is where the cookie comes from)

1 handful of spinach or microgreens


What to do:

Add all the ingredients except ice to blender – blend baby!

If this is your first time using better stevia drops start with 3 drops blend and taste. Work your way up from there. They’re very strong so it’s easy to go over board!

If you have a super strong blender like a vitamix, I’d recommend adding the cacao nibs in at the VERY end. Blend on your lowest speed for 30 seconds. This will ensure they don’t turn into dust and you get that chocolate chip consistency.

Add ice blend again until you reach desired smoothie consistency.

Sip your way to smoothie bliss!